Fruta de Época #1

'How to Fly'



I started by outlining Queen Elizabeth's face on the map of London. Then, with the help of a GPS, I travelled to each of the determined locations, where a single plate was exposed. That was my secret plan to find out what 'Englishness' is all about.

'Seseña Nuevo'

A ghost town in Spain near Madrid.

'Monsanto Blues'

Selection of photographs created during a short-term residency in the village of Monsanto, organised by Fantasma Gallery in cooperation with Idanha-a-Nova Municipality.


This ongoing series is named after one of São Paulo's biggest favelas (slum). "Paraisópolis" ('paradise city') is my personal attempt to depict a certain Brazilian identity that unites chaos and beauty in a singular manner.


Prehistoric engravings in Côa Valley.

Works 2009-

Selected individual works