How to Fly

In ‘How to fly’ photographer Pedro Guimarães (b.1977) takes us on a poetic journey into the subculture of private aviation. The language he employs takes the disguise of the documentary genre yet what initially appears to be a flight manual quickly reveals Guimarães’ true autobiographical intentions through the use of poetic punctuation.

‘How to fly’ is, after all, a reflection on the inevitable traumatic events of life and describes a series of emergency maneuvers designed to keep oneself alive.

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Photographs: Pedro Guimarães
Design: Joana Durães
Texts: Pedro Guimarães and António Durães
English translation: Sharon Boothroyd and Soraia Martins
published by XYZ Books 2017
96 pages 21 x 26 cm Softcover Offset Print
First edition Edition of 300 (25 of which released as a special edition w/ metal box and print)
ISBN 978-989-99063-3-4

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