Fruta de Época #1

Fruta de Época #1 [Seasonal Fruits], is the first of a series of visual diaries by Pedro Guimarães. The Portuguese summer is the opening theme for this series of diaries where both Mediterranean and Atlantic breeds of nostalgia are mixed in order to give shape to this diaristic approach to zine making. Although apparently unrelated, the images follow the same sequence as that on the rolls of film. Four issues will be released in total.

Together with the release of the fourth issue, a hardcover will also be released thus allowing all issues to be easily bound together in one volume.

You can buy "Fruta de Época" online from XYZ Books Lisbon:

Signed by Pedro Guimarães
Book Design: Pedro Guimarães
XYZ Books
edition of 50, numbered and signed by the author
24 pages
Dry toner b&w prints on Coral Ivory 90g
Cover printed on yellow tracing paper
Bound with omega staples 29,5 x 22 cm
First Edition

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